Individualised Organic Herbal Medicines

Many people are unaware of the enormous and extremely important differences between "over the counter" herbal medicine and that prescribed by a "fully qualified" Medical Herbalist.

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The medicines

Mostly, I use organic liquid herbal tinctures and dried herbal teas mixed to the needs of the patient. These are the easiest methods of administering herbs internally. Sometimes I use tablets or capsules, and creams or washes might be necessary for a skin condition. Other modes of administering herbal medicine may include oils; poultices; foot, hand and full body herbal baths. Sometimes even adjusting the diet to include certain herbs and/or spices can be a good support to treatment. Many people prefer to take liquid herbal organic tinctures as they are very simple and easy to take. I do all the mixing of ingredients so what you get is one medicine to take two or three times a day which contains all the necessary herbs.

"Over the counter" (OTC) herbal medicine.

At present anyone can go into a health food shop, chemist or even a supermarket and buy herbal medicine products. There is very little, or sometimes no labeling at all to inform the user of the pharmacological/medicinal actions. Furthermore, the dosage instructions may be ambiguous and take no account of age, size and individual differences between people. Also, what is often unclear is whether the product being sold is a whole plant medicine - people are often shocked to learn that sometimes it is actually chemically altered. For instance, a St Johns Wort preparation may not be the whole plant, instead hypericin, and/or hyperforin which are isolated constituents of the St Johns Wort plant.

Prescription from a "fully qualified" Medical Herbalist.

We use whole plant medicines obtained from specialist (and in my case mostly organic) producers of herbs made specifically for qualified Medical Herbalists. A consultation of around an hour takes place between the patient and practitioner in order to establish which herbs are indicated, and eliminate those which may (in the specific patients case) be contraindicated or interact with their conventional prescription drugs. The end result is a safe preparation, consisting of a number of ingredients tailored to that individual. The NIMH research department has the resources, skills and knowledge to interpret the published research and keep their members informed. As well as the individual actions of the different plants it is proven that some plants act in synergy - enhancing and working together with other plants. Nature is complex - a herb is complex, a combined herbal prescription even more so, as are the machinations of the human body. Medical Herbalists are undertaking research exploring this complexity. Furthermore, our safety record is astounding and we are working extremely hard to have this record substantiated.

Medical Herbalists are the experts in the field of Herbal Medicine.