Medical Herbalist

My aim when treating patients is to look at the whole person to get to what factors might be contributing to or aggravating the symptoms. Following consultation the organic herbal medicine will likely include a number of ingredients aimed at both alleviating the symptoms and addressing the underlying cause as I see it. The idea is that by treating the underlying causes then the disease is less likely to recur once treatment ends.

So, you might be asking "what exactly does that mean?"

Treatment is always tailored to the individual and because of this it is highly likely that two people could visit the same Medical Herbalist, with apparently the same condition, but leave with totally different prescriptions. We treat people as individuals. I believe that it is this approach that gets the best results. So, I spend a long time talking to people before I decide what medicine to give (about an hour for first time consultations, and 30 minutes for a follow up). I am looking at the functioning of the whole body, so will be asking questions regarding your digestive system definitely and also your diet and lifestyle. I am also asking questions that might tell me about your adrenal function, liver function, kidney function, circulatory and respiratory systems and even your musculo-skeletal system. It is also likely that your nervous system will be involved to some extent as stress is pretty much a part of most of our lives these days. I will also want to know about your family's health, your past medical history and what medication you are taking and also what tests you have had so far. I am more than happy to work alongside conventional medical practitioners and keep them abreast of your treatment if you want me to. I would require your written permission for this though and otherwise all information discussed is completely confidential.

The concept of "balance"

The conventional medical profession use the term "homeostasis" which is explained by Black's Medical Dictionary as

"The normal physiological process that ensures that the body's internal systems, such as its metabolism, blood pressure and body temperature, maintain an equilibrium whatever the conditions of the outside environment..."

The late Thomas Bartram, renowned Herbalist says homeostasis is

"An assumption that the body has within itself the resources and materials to restore normal function when disordered by disease."

There are a number of systems of true Traditional Medicine - Ayuveda, Unani-Tibb, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hippocratic and Galenic Four Temperament theory to name but a few. What all of these systems hold in common is the knowledge that the body has the ability to heal itself if it is functioning in balance. There is the common thread of external effects on the body affecting this balance adversely, resulting in development of disease imbalance. All of these systems use herbs with the belief that they work with the body's own defenses to redress the imbalance and bring about healing. The herbal medicine is supported by changes to lifestyle and diet when deemed necessary.

Modern Western Herbal Medicine, as practiced by myself in Folkestone and Maidstone, Kent uses these same theories but with the added advantage of modern research . Modern research adds to the pot the proven pharmacological action of herbs and any possible interactions with modern pharmaceuticals. This makes herbal medicine prescribed following consultation with a qualified Medical Herbalist extremely safe and mostly able to be taken alongside conventional drugs. The BSc(Hons) training encompassing mainstream diagnosis techniques and methods provides an ability to understand your symptoms from both a Traditional Herbal Medicine point of view AND your doctors standpoint.