Intolerance/Food sensitivity & allergy Testing

“Food intolerance testing should not just be about providing a list of things to avoid!” Lynda Jones BSc (Hons) believes it to be much more than that. Qualifying with a first class honours degree in Herbal Medicine in 2005 Lynda has expertise in how the body works, how allergy and intolerance develop and whether something needs to be excluded long term or simply for a short period. Following an extensive consultation and testing with the MORA machine Lynda will provide you with the information, advice and follow up service necessary to ensure you are equipped fully to cope with the results. Dietary advice will be clear and realistic with practical tips on how to obtain all the necessary nutrients - especially important in children!!

The Words 'allergy' 'intolerance' and 'sensitivity' when related to foods are often used interchangeably these days. In the true dictionary sense of the word 'allergy' relates to a specific reaction in the body that can only be detected via blood tests. However, allergy specialists today concede there are many people who are suffering symptoms and yet their blood 'allergy' tests show no abnormalities. It is people in situations like this who I see most often, they know something they are eating is disagreeing with them in some way but they dont know what it is.

Can testing help me?

Some people choose to have a test out of curiosity but most are suffering some sort of health problem. From experience as a practitioner I have found testing to be helpful for many of my patients problems, some of which include:

  • Skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, dandruff and fungal infections
  • Respiratory conditions - asthma, hayfever, sinusitis
  • Fatigue, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and M.E.
  • Weight problems
  • Migraines and recurrent headaches
  • Persistent joint problems
  • Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, indigestion and IBS
  • Blood sugar problems and fluctuations in energy levels or mood
  • Recurrent thrush and urinary tract infections
  • Pre menstrual syndrome

If you are in any doubt as to whether intolerance/sensitivity testing may help then do not hesitate to contact me

Why might a problem develop suddenly, 'out of the blue?'

There are a number of reasons for this and each case will be individual. This is partly why it is so important for your tester to have a thorough medical knowledge and an understanding of the differences between intolerance and true life threatening allergies. I believe that people with susceptibility to intolerance have a capacity to tolerate a given amount of something that their body might recognise as toxic. After all, it is the livers job to break down these toxic substances into waste products and the kidneys and bowel do a great job at eliminating them from the body. Symptoms of intolerance may appear when the body is suddenly, or progressively less able to do this. The reasons behind this are numerous but generally the body has had to put extra energy elsewhere, perhaps to deal with a physical or emotional stress of some sort. I will be looking to identify this when talking to you prior to the testing procedure. The identifying of this information is vital to limit the number of intolerances that may remain permanent. After all, if you can see what caused the problem you have a good chance of stopping it happening again after the period of elimination.

But why should I come to you?

Because you are in safe hands!
I have the Diploma in Bio Electronic Regulatory Medicine (BER) which means I am fully qualified to operate the machine and interpret its results. In addition to this I studied for 5 years to become a Medical Herbalist, achieving a BSc degree with 1st class Honours in 2005. I have a solid understanding of anatomy and physiology (including the allergic response); medical examination techniques; diagnosis and medical laboratory science; pathology and disease; nutrition and pharmacology of both pharmaceutical medication and herbs. This means that if symptoms you are experiencing may be due to an undetected medical condition I am likely to notice this and refer you on where necessary. In current law, Medical Herbalist (like GPs) hold the right to diagnose should they see fit.
The thorough consultation involves discussing your past medical and family history, symptoms, your different body systems and diet/lifestyle. As I understand the theory behind allergy and intolerance (and have a strong understanding between the two) and other factors that contribute when I assess your medical history I am able to gauge whether intolerance is likely to be temporary or permanent. This is vitally important as permanently eliminating certain foods from the diet without proper guidance can be detrimental to your health. I provide full dietary advice following the test, and a follow-up consultation service when required. Retests are available should you so wish but rarely necessary as it is my aim to ensure you have all the information from me during your initial appointment to handle reintroduction of foodstuffs yourself. I am always available after your test for simple queries and concerns you may have.

How does the test work?

The MORA machine shows the body's change in electrical resonance when tested against potential problematic substances. I use a blunt probe on one of your toes so it's easier if you wear socks rather than tights please (I can use your hand if your feet are very sensitive though!). The test is totally painless, involves no needles and the results are immediate. THIS TEST IS SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES AND DURING PREGNANCY

Can intolerance be treated?

It is possible, yes. There are some major intolerances which are likely to remain problematic and your symptoms, together with assessment of your medical history will help me identify which ones these are. There are also some life threatening allergies that I am not able to test for, only a blood test via your GP can diagnose this type of severe reaction. However, intolerances are a different matter. You may find that a period of elimination helps cure some, otherwise herbal medicine may improve your ability to cope with others leaving you symptom free. I will assess whether treatment and/or elimination is right for you. It is not compulsory to have treatment - I just want you to know it's there if you would like it. Should you wish to know more about Herbal Medicine and the work of a Medical Herbalist click here

***** Regarding Allergy Testing - the words allergy, intolerance and sensitivity are words commonly used interchangeably***** please note, that in the true sense of the word, an 'allergy' is something that can only be formally identified via a blood test and involves specific immune markers identified that way. Food sensitivity and intolerance testing is different commonly identifying foods that are problematic to the body at the time of testing.